Brain on Cocaine

If you go through my music collection today, you'll find heaps of alternative everything, Canadian indie, progressive metal and jazz oldies. But, as a teen, I was all about pop and radio-friendly songs, and no one struck a chord with 14-year-old me like Take That. I fiercely began writing my own songs (spoiler alert: they … Continue reading Brain on Cocaine

Spiritual Front plays The Smiths – and themselves

"Don't think of this as a Spiritual Front concert. Think of it as a party", frontman Simone Salvatore told us. And how right he was. Last night's Spiritual Front show in Lisbon's Sabotage Rock Club almost felt like those times when you hang out with that friend of yours who plays the guitar and serenades … Continue reading Spiritual Front plays The Smiths – and themselves

10 albums / 1 post

A corrente pede 10 álbums que ainda apareçam nas nossas playlists - uma capa por dia, sem explicações, e com a nomeação da praxe. Vou saltar os artifícios e apresentar os 10 da minha vida (que deviam ser 20 para caberem mais), um pouco por ordem de importância:


Going back to 90s music for some unknown reason. This is still one of the best, classier pop albums of all time. You Have Been Loved is heartbreakingly beautiful.

oh, canada!

Canadian music: feeding my soul since 2005.Individual praises here, here and here.It may be the cold, or the boreal forest, or the openheartedness - but I'm more in tune with their words and notes than any other on this side of the Ocean.

“I’ve been too honest with myself I should have lied like everybody else”

Always the late bloomer,  foi preciso chegar aos trintas-e para ouvir de forma obsessiva álbuns com 20 anos (1994 já foi há 20 anos...?), que gritam angústias existenciais, revolta contra políticos e psicopatas, e me fazem cantarolar na rua there ain't no black in the union jack. O belíssimo Journal, com o melhor dos dois … Continue reading “I’ve been too honest with myself I should have lied like everybody else”