Love affairs

Some books you'll cary around only for a quick escape. They may be deep and engaging, heart-wrenching and thought-provoking but (be honest), they are like a casual date with an interesting someone whenever you're able to fit them into your schedule. They fill in the spaces between home and work, or help you digest a … Continue reading Love affairs

‘Lady of the Sea’ – The Mission

(For the previous chapters, visit the Lady of the Sea's main page) Azov’s pirates had been sailing all night when their captain rounded them up to reveal the news as the sun came up. The big sea bear cleared his throat and tried his best to look cool and collected. “As you know," he began, … Continue reading ‘Lady of the Sea’ – The Mission

on signs

A childhood friend made me a business proposal that involves a fair amount of writing, on the same week I decided to resume the countless unfinished stories I've left abandoned inside a gazillion unfinished notebooks. We meet up at a nice café by a park lake for the briefing and brainstorming and I tell him … Continue reading on signs