Some are Born to sweet delight

Some are Born to Endless Night. - William Blake, 'Auguries of Innocence' I bought this album over 10 years ago, on my birthday. It was terribly overpriced - probably with the excuse of being an indie import from a faraway country - but I felt so happy to see a Hawksley Workman record in a … Continue reading Some are Born to sweet delight


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A corrente pede 10 álbums que ainda apareçam nas nossas playlists - uma capa por dia, sem explicações, e com a nomeação da praxe. Vou saltar os artifícios e apresentar os 10 da minha vida (que deviam ser 20 para caberem mais), um pouco por ordem de importância:

oh, canada!

Canadian music: feeding my soul since 2005.Individual praises here, here and here.It may be the cold, or the boreal forest, or the openheartedness - but I'm more in tune with their words and notes than any other on this side of the Ocean.