You have been carried for years on someone else's lips (you sound good on paper) with your island descent and abyss ascent and all the spectres forever loyal. I have not met you but know your women and tangled tales (I know far too many details) of you the shy ghost who never shows. We … Continue reading Stygian



Next year you'll discover magic. You'll survive German classes even though you should have continued with French. For more reasons than one. The boy-you're-desperately-in-love-with-but-doesn't-know-you-exist-because-you've-only-met-twice-and-barely-spoke-to-each-other will fall desperately in love with you too someday. In the meantime, there will be other boys and your heart will break more often than you'd like. But you will learn. … Continue reading #tweetyour16yearoldself