74 x 34 x 60 mm

Dimensões conservadas. Discretamente heterogéneo apenas. Linha sem alterações intrínsecas. Septação fúndica já conhecida já alvo de intervenção. Cavidade virtual. Pequenas imagens líquidas infracentimétricas simples. Visibilidade anexial direita mais satisfatória do que a esquerda. Douglas livre.


it was someone else's book (one still on the shelf) and all its shades of blue poured in at twelve there were waves along the sideway our underwater promenade a bit like Moses a bit like swimming all while asleep under the linen.


I am merely a discarded wooden plank powerless to resist the crushing of steel still, I want to save you no matter if you’re dead or still barely breathing, breathing Liu Xiaobo, June Fourth Elegies Translated from the Chinese by Jeffrey Yang Graywolf Press, 2012

Isidora & Prose

I am a painfully   s l o w    writer of prose and soaringwriterofverse. To my mind prose is convention & norm, poetry free form. In a poem, you can cut sentences in half wherever you wish and pile them up together in whatever              shape            you         want You could never have that with prose.