Brain on Cocaine

If you go through my music collection today, you'll find heaps of alternative everything, Canadian indie, progressive metal and jazz oldies. But, as a teen, I was all about pop and radio-friendly songs, and no one struck a chord with 14-year-old me like Take That. I fiercely began writing my own songs (spoiler alert: they … Continue reading Brain on Cocaine


Horror stories

Started reading The Plot Against America because of the current political scenario all over the Western world. Had to put it down after the result of the Brazilian elections, because of the current political scenario all over the Western world. Picked up David Mitchell's Slade House instead. Because reality is scarier than horror fiction and, … Continue reading Horror stories

on signs

A childhood friend made me a business proposal that involves a fair amount of writing, on the same week I decided to resume the countless unfinished stories I've left abandoned inside a gazillion unfinished notebooks. We meet up at a nice café by a park lake for the briefing and brainstorming and I tell him … Continue reading on signs

family is…

...texting your proxy-mom asking if you can have dinner at her place because you had a shitty day and don't feel like going back to an empty house to wallow in self-pity - and seeing this when you finally get there:


Twitted about The Holy Bible from the Manic Street Preachers - one of the best, most brutally raw & cathartic albums I have ever heard. Immediately gained new follower from account with Bible quotes. Should I tell them?


Google search: Free ebooks Resultados: Sites que têm ebooks gratuitos.Google search: ebooks gratuitos português Resultados: Sites com links para sites que só têm links para mais sites onde eventualmente haverá ebooks gratuitos de publicações de 1700.


Ilustração: Hélder Oliveira A autora deste blog tem para si que a ideia do governo sortear carros e afins a quem pedir mais facturas é uma contra-medida dissimulada ao boicote que o povo fez de as pedir todas em nome dos ministros e presidente. Kirikiri.