If you go through my music collection today, you’ll find heaps of alternative everything, Canadian indie, progressive metal and jazz oldies.

But, as a teen, I was all about pop and radio-friendly songs, and no one struck a chord with 14-year-old me like Take That.

I fiercely began writing my own songs (spoiler alert: they weren’t that great) and, being the obsessive nerd I’ve always been, I knew the names of all the producers, engineers, session musicians and studios of every song or album (the scary part being that I still remember most of them). While most of the fans wanted to marry them, I wanted to work with the band, regardless of raging hormones.

So, and because I have neuroscience on my side, while everyone is out shopping, I’ll be spending the day nerding out to Odyssey playing in loop. And there’s no guilt in this pleasure.


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