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A corrente pede 10 álbums que ainda apareçam nas nossas playlists - uma capa por dia, sem explicações, e com a nomeação da praxe. Vou saltar os artifícios e apresentar os 10 da minha vida (que deviam ser 20 para caberem mais), um pouco por ordem de importância:

Isidora & Big Brother

From time to time I discover a dead master and feel a sudden urge to bring them to our present. I would take Oscar Wilde out for dinner and invite Stephen Fry. I would show heavy metal music to Beethoven. I would offer Birthday Letters to Sylvia Plath, gift-wrapped with a red bow. Being almost … Continue reading Isidora & Big Brother



Next year you'll discover magic. You'll survive German classes even though you should have continued with French. For more reasons than one. The boy-you're-desperately-in-love-with-but-doesn't-know-you-exist-because-you've-only-met-twice-and-barely-spoke-to-each-other will fall desperately in love with you too someday. In the meantime, there will be other boys and your heart will break more often than you'd like. But you will learn. … Continue reading #tweetyour16yearoldself