‘Lady of the Sea’ – Jonah

[For the previous chapters, check the Lady of the Sea's main page] What a useless little vermin, thought Isola to herself. That is the problem with the overly ambitious and under-intelligent: they act hastily and on impulse. 'Planning' is too big a word to fit in their tiny little skulls. Not that Peafowl knew any … Continue reading ‘Lady of the Sea’ – Jonah

‘Lady of the Sea’ – Pardel’s Tale (Part II)

It was a full moon that night. The entire house and the entire beach were silver white. She looked for the spot where she had seen the lady in her dream and stood there. ‘Ask the sea for help,’ she remembered. So the young wife stretched her arms out to the sea and, losing herself … Continue reading ‘Lady of the Sea’ – Pardel’s Tale (Part II)


Desde pequena que tinha a pancada de querer ter tudo registado - conversas, datas, rostos, artefactos... Pensava que bom, bom, era cada um de nós ter uma espécie de mecanismo que fosse registando tudo por escrito, qual estenógrafo interno, em forma de guião ou semelhante. Como acontece com todas as nossas ideias ultra-originais, já fizeram o … Continue reading raízes