Brain on Cocaine

If you go through my music collection today, you'll find heaps of alternative everything, Canadian indie, progressive metal and jazz oldies. But, as a teen, I was all about pop and radio-friendly songs, and no one struck a chord with 14-year-old me like Take That. I fiercely began writing my own songs (spoiler alert: they … Continue reading Brain on Cocaine

Margaret Atwood’s MyThologies

What do you do when Margaret Atwood comes to your country for a talk, but she's doing it more than 300kms away from your city and on a school night? You ask for the Friday off work and travel 300kms, of course. Every year since 2014, the city of Porto hosts the wonderful Fórum do … Continue reading Margaret Atwood’s MyThologies

Horror stories

Started reading The Plot Against America because of the current political scenario all over the Western world. Had to put it down after the result of the Brazilian elections, because of the current political scenario all over the Western world. Picked up David Mitchell's Slade House instead. Because reality is scarier than horror fiction and, … Continue reading Horror stories


Parece lenta por ser imensa a torrente que passa pela ampulheta. Devia entupir ou emitir sinal de alarme ao ver passar versos repetidos ou rimas pirosas. Ouve a areia, diz ela, não queres a tua âmbola cheia de poemas menores.


As an orphan one learns to be self-sufficient and one learns the tricks of the trades which go with that. One becomes a freelance. (...) I propose a conspiracy of orphans. We exchange winks. We reject hierarchies. All hierarchies. We take the shit of the world for granted and we exchange stories about how we … Continue reading Orphans