After having been dragged down to the Queen’s dungeons, Peafowl was thrown into an empty cell by two brutes with no obvious respect for nobility. The place was dark and damp and the air smelled of something Peafowl couldn’t quite name but that he was sure someone somewhere used as a potent fertilizer.

“Here you go, my lord. Enjoy your new home,” said one of the guards.

“We hope the accommodations suit you, sire. There ain’t no horses or hounds to hunt, but you’ll have many a rat to keep you company.”

Both men roared with laughter as they closed the cell and made their way back up to the castle, completely ignoring Peafowl’s outraged cries.

“You swinish, bestial brutes! This won’t be the end of it! I never forget a face, as dirty as it may be, and I will have you hanged the minute I get out of this putrid dungeon! No one ridicules Gregor Peafowl and gets away with it alive! This is all one big slander! I never -”

“Shut up? Pipe down? Put the lid on?”

“What was that?” Peafowl turned his head around frantically. “Who said that? Show yourself you coward!”

“I would but it’s a bit dark in this stinky hole, ‘innit?”, replied the voice.

“Who are you?”

“Someone you just woke up from a rather pleasant dream about that raven-haired beauty who serves ale at the Inn, that’s who. But I have a feeling that ain’t something you would know much about. Your royalshipness.”

Peafowl was growing more irritated with the mysterious voice’s comments than by being in that dungeon. What was this insolent man blabbing about? He decided to stop shouting this time. Not because he was disturbing others but because a solemn tone always sounds more lordly.

“I’ll have you know that I am Lord Peafowl, personal friend of the Queen. And I will not tolerate snotty comments from faceless criminals.”

Peafowl smiled in his dark corner, feeling very proud of himself for having defeated the mysterious voice. Until he heard it again:

“The Queen always welcomes her close friends in these classy chambers, does she?”

There was a long silence. Followed by very loud snoring.

With his blood boiling, Peafowl found the closest thing he could find to a cosy corner and tried to get some much needed sleep.


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