it’s the manic goblins!

It's the goblins again! The plan: go to one of The Holy Bible shows in 2015. The venture: never-ending setbacks from day one. Getting the tickets back in December of last year was a nightmare, from visa cards failing, to money transfers and login issues - all to the sound of the ticking clock you … Continue reading it’s the manic goblins!

the Richey Edwards appreciation post

My very first memory of the Manic Street Preachers is the news of Richey’s disappearance. I was about 12 and just starting to get up to date with modern pop & rock after years of listening to nothing but oldies and my dad’s jazz records. There were the hourly updates by Carolyn Lilipaly with footage … Continue reading the Richey Edwards appreciation post


Twitted about The Holy Bible from the Manic Street Preachers - one of the best, most brutally raw & cathartic albums I have ever heard. Immediately gained new follower from account with Bible quotes. Should I tell them?

“I’ve been too honest with myself I should have lied like everybody else”

Always the late bloomer,  foi preciso chegar aos trintas-e para ouvir de forma obsessiva álbuns com 20 anos (1994 já foi há 20 anos...?), que gritam angústias existenciais, revolta contra políticos e psicopatas, e me fazem cantarolar na rua there ain't no black in the union jack. O belíssimo Journal, com o melhor dos dois … Continue reading “I’ve been too honest with myself I should have lied like everybody else”