‘Lady of the Sea’ – Jonah

[For the previous chapters, check the Lady of the Sea's main page] What a useless little vermin, thought Isola to herself. That is the problem with the overly ambitious and under-intelligent: they act hastily and on impulse. 'Planning' is too big a word to fit in their tiny little skulls. Not that Peafowl knew any … Continue reading ‘Lady of the Sea’ – Jonah

‘Lady of the Sea’ – The Cell

After having been dragged down to the Queen's dungeons, Peafowl was thrown into an empty cell by two brutes with no obvious respect for nobility. The place was dark and damp and the air smelled of something Peafowl couldn't quite name but that he was sure someone somewhere used as a potent fertilizer. "Here you … Continue reading ‘Lady of the Sea’ – The Cell