It is always Us vs. Them.

The Others are different so They must be feared.

What was that? You don’t fear Them?
We’ll take care of that for you.
Repeat after us:
Threat. Violence. Terror. Evil. Infidels.


One more time.
Repeat this everyday – it’s for your own safety.
And don’t worry: we’ll remind you. Very often.

When They attack Us, we’ll make sure you hear about it.
(There may be an aftershock or two.)

Then you will see how ruthless They are.
Then you’ll have reasons to fear.

It’s not like We ever did anything to Them.

(When We did it was to defend Ourselves.
To defend You.)

If We burn Their houses to the ground
Or accidently shoot their children
(Shit happens)
It’s really not Our fault.

We are the righteous ones.

They are the monsters.

We are nothing alike.


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