…not really. We only had lunch.

The gathering was meant to be a quiet chat about the Kabbalah, which our Arab friend is studying and of which we know too little about.

In light of recent events, however, the conversation naturally moved towards religious discrimination, double standards, media manipulation (on both ends) and downright bigotry.

And then something interesting happened:

Just as naturally, all the negative BS was set aside and we began sharing our own experiences and views instead. All of a sudden, we were teaching each other – without patronising or irony or self-righteousness.

As crucial as freedom of speech is – and it is – being willing to see things past the end of your nose is what would truly make the world a better place.


2 thoughts on “An agnostic, a pagan and an Arab Hebrew student walk into a bar…

    1. Well… Actually, it was a shopping centre next to where the 3 of us work.

      (I was playing with the “X, Y and Z walk into a bar” jokes 😉 )

      Not really sure if Lisbon can be called “cosmopolitan” but we do have a lot of cultural variety 🙂


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