Back to the 80s

[Disclaimer: the following post is spoiler free.] This is the age of nostalgia. I don't just say it because I'm no longer in my tweens and, like so many other thirty-somethings decades before me, think that the times and culture of my youth were a thousand times better than what they are now - that is … Continue reading Back to the 80s

my cruel December

To Eliot it was April - for me it's December. There was always something about this month that made me feel hopelessly nostalgic - even when I was too young to have anything to feel nostalgic about. (I blame romantic Christmas comedies. Maybe I even blame the Christmas season altogether, with its cosy fireplaces, merry … Continue reading my cruel December


É mais do que a visão romântica da infância a falar: as revistas (aka gibis) que saem agora são por demais histriónicas e a versão teen é... como dizer?, um desastre. Mas nem tudo está perdido. Para além dos números muy antigos, com as suas punchlines geniais, há o projecto MSP 50, onde 50 artistas reimaginam … Continue reading nostalgias