The Infinite Monkey Cage

Once upon a time, when the world was younger, a new plant sprouted that began releasing a strange new gas. It was poisonous and it started killing everything around it. That new, deadly gas was oxygen. This was, give or take, one of the stories my dad would tell me when I was a child, … Continue reading The Infinite Monkey Cage

Isidora & Promethea

Know that the scorched-black demons and the pristine, fluttering seraphs are in some sense naught but you yourself unpacked, unfolded in a higher space. Alan Moore, Promethea - Book 5


I am Promethea The child who stands Between fixed earth and insubstantial air, A thought who yet treads matter’s rain swept strands, and mortals are the sandals that I wear I am Promethea, From mind's pure light I stoop into Earth’s gloom. From fable’s day descending into Fact’s cold weighty night, from lyric atmosphere to … Continue reading promethea