Kika Cardoso

Kika Cardoso é das melhores vozes a ter tempo de antena neste país desde a fabulosa Sara Tavares e, se o país fosse outro, provavelmente não teria sido preciso esperar 3 anos desde a vitória no Factor X até ao álbum de estreia.

Mas aqui está ela, com uma banda bem catita.

O álbum homónimo está a ser promovido pelas Fnacs e podem espreitá-lo no Spotify.

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Spiritual Front

“Don’t think of this as a Spiritual Front concert. Think of it as a party”, frontman Simone Salvatore told us. And how right he was.

Last night’s Spiritual Front show in Lisbon’s Sabotage Rock Club almost felt like those times when you hang out with that friend of yours who plays the guitar and serenades you all the night away, playing songs by request. Add an actual band and the enthusiastic adoration of hardcore fans, and you’ll get the gist of the mood.

Salvatore is an overall class act: warm and friendly, he’s as cool as you’d expect if you’ve ever listened to even one minute of their songs.

Personally, I don’t care much about The Smiths and would gladly have exchanged most of the songs played for the band’s music. But with musicians and performers like these it doesn’t really matter. They could have played from David Hasselhoff’s songbook and it would have rocked (this is not a challenge, boys!).

After a hectic week andsome sleep deprivation, Spiritual Front’s show was as energising and uplifting as anyone would need.

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