Company of Liars by Karen Maitland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

‘You won’t like the ending’, said the friend who lent me the book.
Multiple reviews complained about the build up that led to a not-very-spectacular-revelation.

But good stories aren’t always about the twist. They’re about the Truth.
Those big, timeless, human truths. And this is a book that is all about truth and lies. Why do we lie. Does the truth really set you free – and, if so, at what cost? I particularly loved the idea of lies as a noble act – when they are told to create hope in others, hope in ourselves. To save.

(My edition also includes ‘The Lost Chapter of Narigorm’, which will chill you to the bone.)

I fell in love with Karen Maitland’s writing from the very start – it’s elegant and raw and evocative. Her characters are so alive you can feel the wrinkles in Camelot’s skin.

So, yes, I did like the ending. And I’m not the historical novel type but Ms. Maitland has me sold.

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