My Pencil

Song Illustration Series: Universe

Once I took the universe to dinner When she failed to yield the earth’s demands ‘Oh,’ she said ‘you mean that little ant farm? I’m alright, dear, I’ve got other plans’ And we’re sad because we think we don’t belong here We’re guilty ’cause we think we should be stars Floating in a navy soup, […]

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Hoje o mar sou eu

É a sina de qualquer aprendiz: antes de se conseguir criar obra nossa, passamos eternidades a copiar (muito) os que já o fazem. Para perceber como se chega lá, para exercitar os músculos até conseguirmos andar sem as rodinhas de apoio. Os desenhos por aqui começaram depois dos 30 e, só muito recentemente, a surgir […]

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What Inktober can teach you

If you have never heard of it before, I will tell you now: Inktober is by far the coolest living challenge on the internet. Created in 2009, the idea is fairly simply (as most good things are): to make one ink drawing a day during the entire month of October. There’s an official prompt, with […]

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