As I write this, Facebook has been down for about an hour and everyone is going insane (on Twitter). A couple of days ago, Twitter got hacked and the online edition of BBC News published a story on it in what felt like 10 minutes later.

While I predict that, at this rate, the internet itself will be down in a very near future (causing global panic and making the world stop rotating in its axis) & I sulk over not being able to cash my money and do some jobs in Mafia Wars, I wonder…

Being without Facebook – your virtual café to meet up with friends and share, like, whatever – is beginning to feel like those days back in the day when the power would go out. There was no TV. No Music. No computers. So you had no choice but to actually chat with your family or catch up on your reading. Or do your homework. For my part, I actually felt lighter, more real. There were no distractions, no interference between me and reality. (Books may be a part of the Fiction Escapism Drugs, but not having lit up screens for pages makes a huge difference.)

Losing one social media site makes me feel like that again. If I can’t idle about I might as well write. And a long text at that.
It makes me feel focused and productive, like a competent

(This text was left unfinished as Facebook was available once again)


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