My Invitation

You are what they call the human season
You are all the alphabet in one
You are every colour of confusion
You are all the silence I’ve become

Love me for
Stupid reasons
I like those most

Wide-eyed but
Worth believing
God knows

Damn the angry voice that keeps us queit
The editor whose work is never done
Keeping pretty words between my teeth and
Sweet confessions underneath my tongue

Drowsy contemplation
Do I let you in
This is my invitation
But how do I begin?

She has such an awful lot of soldiers
Quite a lovely army all her own
Night and day they stand before the fortress
Very safe but very all alone

Sarah Slean


4 thoughts on “convite…

  1. Não conheço Sarah Slean, mas conheço Leonard Cohen. De Last Year’s Man: I met a lady, she was playing with her soldiers in the darkoh one by one she had to tell themthat her name was Joan of Arc.I was in that army, yes I stayed a little while;I want to thank you, Joan of Arc,for treating me so well.And though I wear a uniform I was not born to fight;all these wounded boys you lie beside,goodnight, my friends, goodnight.


  2. Eu aínda não conheço Sarah Slean mas estou a tratar disso. M, definitivamente, tenho que te pedir para passares umas coisas para a minha pen 😉


  3. raquel: a tua pen está na minha mala à espera que o teu namorado compareça no local de trabalho ;)marisa: passarei, com certeza. vais sentir o poder 😀


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