Blue Eyes
You’re a very smart, intelligent person. You like to take things apart, and see how they work and sometimes put them back together again. In your class, you’re probably the student who raises your hand the most, soaking up all knowledge for future purposes. Sometimes you can be a bit of a know it all, and you kind of always have to be right.

The Eye color personality test


4 thoughts on “quem, eu…?

  1. Eu não consegui responder à pergunta fulcral, fiquei indecisa…lol e depois acabei por decidir que eles não tinham a opção adequada para mim 😉


  2. “You chose black eyes.You have a very angry personality. You refuse to see the right side of people, and you can be a bit arrogent, thinking you’re better then other people. If someone makes fun of you, or picks on you, you’ll bounce back, ready for a fight. You probably have a violent, defensive reputation.”este foi o meu resultado. deixou-me preocupada…


  3. ainda com olhos castanhos, serve o presente comment apenas para te dizer…sabes q já ñ estamos em agosto? hmm…qual é a tua desculpa agora? hem! há consumidores de leitura-rápida (os blogs são os macdonalds da literatura! ah! brilhante! lol) à espera dos teus posts! posta, ruiva! de pescada, de maruca, de jaquinzinho (se ñ tiveres mm mt q escrever) mas posta! ***


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