Love yourself if you want
Cry a bit l
augh a lot
Throw a stone t
ake a plane
Start again
Give yourself a chance not a nosebleed
Have a course meet your friends
Visit space
Say hello to someone
For the road you need one

Make yourself
Cry a dream
Choose a song
So that your heart can sing
Is it how it is?
How you make it?
No one knows everything
And if you’re wondering
Do the years fly by too soon?
They do
And if you’re wondering
If the skies look down?
It’s true,
They do.
They all look out for you.

Mark Owen

One thought on “they do

  1. é um óptimo conselho, mas prefiro o “everybody’s free(to wear sunscrean)”, de Baz Luhrman(encontrei as letras no sei q n é um gigante intemporal da poesia mas, p mim, continua a ser um grande guia p a vida.bjs, valé pq é q só tomamos consciência dos nossos problemas, defeitos e qualidades qd alguém nos fala nisso? ou se calhar sou só eu…e os malucos como eu…


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